Și oaia e om, sau cum se amestecă spurcăciunea în mintea omului.

Și oaia e om. În afara de creștini și de pruncii nenăscuți, toate creaturile sînt persoane care trebuie respectate.

Nu numai tefeliștii sînt vegani. În afinitate cu curentul tefelist a apărut o sectă creștin-ortodoxă vegană, care ține postul din milă pentru animale și vizitează mănăstiri pentru a intra în rezonanță cu universul. Este ce se-ntîmplă cînd bagi în blender meditație transcendentală, Osho, isihasm, literatură motivațională și de dezvoltare personală, Herbalife, Părintele Galeriu, Andrei Pleșu, Dalai Lama, muzică folk și muzică psaltică, librăria Humanitas și pangarul bisericesc, etică corporatistă și mistică bizantină. Noua ortodoxie este de fapt aripa religioasă, locală, a progresismului global, care susține principii creștine din rațiuni necreștine. Asta în prima fază. În faza a doua vor susține principii necreștine, pretinzînd că sînt creștine.

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  1. ” În faza a doua vor susține principii necreștine, pretinzînd că sînt creștine.”

    Pai trebuie sa fie si in Romania ca in occident. Papa Francisc deja face asta.

  2. PS – Principalele site-uri catolice amestecate in aceasta operatie internationala de spionaj:

    Site al diasporei unguresti care manjeste pe toata lumea la comanda.

    Site al traditionalistilor catolici. Liderii lucreaza cu cele trei intel.

    Site unde participa si un preot de la o biserica unde am fost si eu de vreo doua ori si unde am observat ca se predica la comanda de la centrul intel. Ce apare pe site se predica simultan in bisericile traditionaliste.

    Aceste site-uri scriu periodic propaganda pro-ungureasca si anume ca ungurii au fost napastuiti fiindca romanii le-au furat jumatate din tara, ca ungurii sint salvatorii crestini ai Europei, etc.

    Ungaria finanteaza o mare parte din propaganda occidentala care ii lauda:

    „The main method by OV to become seen as “good” King Matthias, is propaganda.
    First there is the special ministry officially called “Cabinet Office of PM”, generally just called what it really is “Propaganda Ministry”, in charge of communications [and only that!]. As this is mainly national, inside Hungary, that isn’t sufficient and therefore international communications must be improved also.
    So to “coordinate an interview” of Hungary’s MFA, “Petike a Kakaska” on the Tucker Carlson Show [Fox] the Hungarian Embassy awarded the company Policy Impact Communications [PIC] with 50.000 USD [in 2019.Feb].
    In 2019.May that same company received additional 160.000 USD for the period 2019 May till October. Note that the hard costs [is external payments] under this contract are limited to 15.000 USD, so this simply means a net fee of 145.000 USD for 6 months of lobbying [by 1? person?]!

    Question: how many “közmunkás” could do, in Hungary necessary, “public” work during 6 months for that amount?

    source: https://twitter.com/panyiszabolcs/status/1149678503249321984
    referred contract: https://efile.fara.gov/docs/6544-Exhibit-AB-20190515-3.pdf

    PS: checking PIC’s website I noticed they don’t mention HU government/Embassy as a client (yet), but they do list “Hungarian American Institute”; anybody know more about this?

    0 ReplyJuly 15, 2019 4:44 am
    Seems this is just a shell to obscure the Hu gov behind it, as it was created by the American lobbyists Policy Impact Communications and the Hu gov outlet Friends of Hungary, both paid by the Orbàn regime, just as the Hungary Initiatives Foundation chaired by T. Fellegi, Connie Mack and other lobbyists hired to wash Orbàn’s image clean.


    „What is the Hungarian American Institute and what is it doing?

    According to the Hungarian American Institute’s website, the organization “is an international association devoted to promoting trade and business relations between Hungary and the United States, as well as policies in both nations that provide economic growth, personal opportunity, peace, and security for individuals and families”.

    Hungarian American Institute’s website also has a “Daily Digest” news section that draws almost exclusively on articles published by Hungary Today, a pro-government English-language news outlet tied to the Hungarian government through the Friends of Hungary Foundation (not to be confused with the Washington DC-based Hungary Initiatives Foundation financed by the Hungarian government and run by former minister-turned lobbyist Tamás Fellegi).

    Aside from the the website’s vague description of the organization and pro-government news section, very little information is provided about the organization’s activities.

    BuzzFeed News reports that Hungarian-American businessman Jozsef Szamosfalvi founded the organization because “we don’t like the current lack of communication and where the relationship between the two countries is going, and we decided to do something about it. The news portal reports Szamosfalvi as saying “We don’t have a political dog in the fight” and “We’re not affiliated with political parties either here or in Hungary.”

    The group’s board is composed of Paul Horvath, former diplomat (and father of conservative journalist Tucker Carlson) Richard Carlson, Utah banker Lew Cramer, former Congressman Ernest Istook, and Georgetown professor Michael Czinkota, according to BuzzFeed News.

    Richard Carlson is also a director at Policy Impact Communications, the lobbying firm responsible for organizing the trip, and Ernest Istook is a senior advisor at the firm.”

    Principala propagandista pt Ungaria care lucreaza cu NSA si DIA:
    (are cel putzin 5 sau 6 aliasuri)

    „While the Roumanians and Albanians and Wallachians and Dacians were either engaging in internecine conflicts or chasing their billy goats across unsettled territories, the Romans had already established a city called Aquincum, remnants of which are to be found in Budapest’s Third District. Allegedly, Ptolemy may have been the first to name the other half „Pession,” which was known among the Romans as Contra-Aquincum.”



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